Monday, April 9, 2018

Night Writer - Renee Ross

If you thought Gothic Romance was dead, think again and keep reading. Gothic Romance is not just remembered as a distant memory, but is alive and kicking and is as chilling as ever. Come down the dark hallway with me and meet Gothic Romance Author Renee Ross.

About Renee Ross

I was born in October of 1961. Growing up in the era of the 60’s and 70’s, I was influenced by the Gothic romance writers of the day: Dorothy Eden, Victoria Holt, Virginia Coffman and many others. I was obsessed with the Dark Shadows original series – the Gothic soap opera that ran from 1966 to 1971. In those days, we didn’t have any means of recording programs so, every weekday at 3:15, I would run the few blocks home from elementary school just in time to see the commercials before the music and credits rolled up the screen. I was able to watch whole episodes during the summer months, at least. And today, I have every episode on DVD.

I was a big fan of Vincent Price, Christopher Plummer, and Boris Karloff. In particular, movies made from the novels of Edgar Allan Poe, of whom I’m also a fan. One of my best memories of childhood was the pajama party I had with my mother every Saturday night when we watched those movies in a dark living room with just the flicker of the television screen. I was an only child – very shy and introverted so, I didn’t have many friends. I always preferred solitude, books, and animals over people.

I’ve written six Gothic novels since 2005. My stories and my writing are evolving, with each book in the Thornehaven series becoming darker. I read both the Gothics of old as well as the domestic noir novels of today and find that the former often hasn’t the level of suspense I’m looking for and the latter hasn’t the level of foreboding. In this series, I’ve done a little genre-bending. I’ve kept the heavy Gothic atmosphere that readers expect while cranking up the excitement and plot twists.

Basically, I write the kind of books I want to read: Wuthering Heights meets Alfred Hitchcock. And, as both a writer and a reader, I look forward to what I hope will be the Gothic romance revival of the 21st century.

Can you tell us a bit about what you are currently working on?

I am working on my 4-volume Thornehaven series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone or in any order the reader chooses.

The Reincarnation of Anna, Book 1

When Corinne marries into the Thorne family, she's no match for her cold-hearted step-daughter who has daddy wrapped around her little finger. Julianna is an exact replica of her exquisitely beautiful mother, Anna, who died giving birth. Anna's identical twin sister - grotesquely disfigured in a fire - is convinced that Anna's soul entered Julianna's body as she left this world and her daughter entered it. Corinne finds this hard to believe until the evidence mounts and the threat against her life and that of her unborn child becomes horrifyingly real.

The Haunting of Delilah, Book 2

Lured by the imposing castle on a cliff, the first mistress of Thornehaven's untimely death marked the beginning of many tragedies that would befall its future inhabitants. Delilah, the second wife of handsome, brooding Jonathan Thorne, watches helplessly as unimaginable twists of fate strike those closest to them. When her husband turns his back on her, not even the fact that she's carrying his child is enough to break through the barriers of misunderstanding and smoldering resentment that divide them. As the birth of the long-awaited heir approaches, the wheels of cursed fate are set in motion, and the events that follow are so horrific that no one would blame the young bride if she lost her mind.

The Torment of Cassandra, Book 3 – Soon to be released.

Cassandra Powell is a young woman used to getting her way. So when she falls in love with Jeremy - a man in need of an heir - she keeps her infertility a secret. Not until she's living with the Thorne family does she learn of its horrifying history and about the room at the top of the stairs she's forbidden to enter. Her defiance sets off a fresh wave of tragic events and pushes their fragile marriage to the brink. After a year without conceiving, Jeremy grows darker and more distant than ever. When she intercepts a letter from his pregnant mistress, she hatches a diabolical plan to rid herself of the problem and have the baby she's always wanted. Only this time the price of having her way is so high, death would be a mercy.

The Possession of Juliet, Book 4 – still in the plot planning stage.

What is your favorite Dark/Gothic novel?

I would have to say Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca. It proves that the Gothic romance is a genre that appeals to a wide audience and maintains its popularity over time. Books like The Turn of the Screw, Wuthering Heights, and Jane Eyre are also good examples of Gothic romance classics.

What is your favorite Gothic motif/theme/element? Any particular reason why?

I can’t choose just one because I love them all. Especially thunderstorms, graveyards, large Victorian mansions, and black cats. I can’t say why either, but things like that have appealed to me in books, television, and movies for as far back as I can remember.

Which resource/s helped you the most in researching or writing your dark stories?

As well as Dark Shadows, I also enjoy watching classic Gothic films on YouTube. Films and books are a great way to study story structure. I love to create storyboards on Pinterest, collect character inspiration, historical fashion, as well as great writing tips.

Do you have plans to continue writing in this genre? If so, is there anything about it you would be willing to share?

Yes. I’ll be writing the final book of my Thornehaven series and then I’ll be sticking with single Gothic romance novels for a while.

Do you have any advice or insights for other Dark or Gothic writers?

Stay true to your preferred genre, and don’t let anyone tell you that Gothic books don’t sell or don’t have an audience. Write what you love, read what you love, and believe in your passion. There will always be a market for dark literature.

Please let us know where we can stalk you.

You can find me on my website I don’t blog, but please join my mailing list so I can let you know when I have a new release or if my other books are temporarily discounted or free.

I’m on Pinterest as Gothic Romance Remembered. There you can find storyboards for all the books I’ve written. Including The Ghost of Emily Grey and The Craft of the Wise.

I’m on Facebook and Twitter as Gothic Romance Remembred@reneerossbooks. I post Gothic romance covers of the 1960’s and 1970’s. People my age are so nostalgic about these books and I’m surprised and delighted at the number of young people who love them too.

You can also follow me on Amazon and Goodreads.

Thank you so much for sharing with us!

As always, Night Writers, stay Beautifully Haunted,

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