Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Opposites Attract: 20+ Character Duos for Dark Fiction

It is no secret that Friction creates great Fiction. So, choosing a hero and a heroine from the opposite sides of the spectrum makes for the best heart rending stories. I've listed here some possible opposites for those Read in the Dark couples, though they can also be used for hero and villain combinations. Note: Genders are interchangeable.

20+ Opposites that Attract:

Bad Boy/Good Girl - 
This one is a classic, Byronic or Anti-Hero/Damsel, a similar combo is Jaded/Innocent



Similar combos are Nun/Knight, Nurse/Soldier

Includes Angel/Demon and Priest/Witch

A similar combo is Psychic or Magical/Skeptic

Includes Warden or Jailer/Prisoner


Beast or Creature/Human

Doctor or Nurse/Patient

Magical/Illusionist or Charlatan

Includes Death and the Maiden, Hades/Persephone and Ghost/Living

Couples from feuding families

Different Classes
Includes Ethnicity, Religion, Rich/Poor, Nobility/Peasant

Sexual Taboo couples
Old/Young, Incestual

Spy or Clandestine/Journalist



Bounty Hunter or Hit Man/Contract or Target


What other ones can you think of? Do you have a favorite Dark Duo that you read or write a lot about? This is just a jumping off spot, dive into your imagination and let me know what you find in the comments below.

Follow your HeArt and Stay Beautifully Haunted, Night Writers,

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